Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome to Our Newest Bad Boyz and Pink Angels!

When anipals hear dat we wus recruiting for new members, der was a line round da block wif anipals lined up on dey bikes!
We has bin getting so many new recruits it is amazing!  Most of da recruits knew dat we was looking for anipals dat wants to help udder anipals and der famblies.  However, we gots a couple of hoomans dat thought we wus recruiting for American Idol.  Geez!  So, we had to turn dem away, well, afta we let dem sing.  It was only fair.

So here dey is!  Our newest members.  Put yoo paws togeva and welcome dem!

Dis be @Salvatoredacat - dis kitteh comes all da way from Ohio!

Dis be Charlie @Westymad - dis dude came all da way from Surrey, England!

Dis Bad Boy is @PrinceWhiskers6
 He a bad dude. He comes from da Wild Wild West and has really long special powers whiskers!

Dis be @SingaporeSpooky - dis kitteh vroomed all da way from Illinois!

Dis be @SpookyShorty - dis dude vroomed in from Manhattan!

Dis Bad Boy be Bailey! @ibaileycooper Dis kitteh comes all da way from Maine!

Well, dat it for da new members of da Bad Boyz of Twitter.

Now I wants to introduce yoo to da newest members of da Pink Angels!
Put yoo paws togeva and welcome dem.

Dis be @Jazzydacat - dis lovely lady twavels da world looking to help anipals in need!
She sumtimes is on special secret missions we can't talks about.

Dis be Bea. @bea_glebells - Dis bootiful Pink Angel comes from Ohio!

Dis be Bethany and Mishka ~dey is da @SistersofTez~one of our Bad Boyz members. 
Dey come all da way from Ibiza, Spain! Welcome!
Dis be Millie. @westymad - she da sister of Charlie and came all da way from Surrey, England to join us! 
Dis be Daisy Doolittle. @iamdaisydoo She vroomed in from Massachusetts!
Dis be Sasha @MissPishPosh - she twaveled all da way from Seattle, WA!
Dis be @JessieJaney - she comes all da way from Australia! Woohoo!
Dis be @CathyKeisha - no matter where yoo is in da world, Cathy gonna makes sure yoo is not alone.
Dis kitteh works round da clock for anipals in need. 

Pwease remember to contact da Bad Boyz of Twitter or da Pink Angels if eva yoo is in need.
Until next time.  Rock On!
We outta here..vrooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome Newest Members of Da Club and Updates

It's been awhile since we has bin recruiting new members.  Lots of stuff has happened since da holidays and all da anipals has bin busy visiting wif family and traveling.  Sum gots married like our Bad Boyz of Twitter and Pink Angels members Fresh Otis and Tallulah Belle.  It was a lovely wedding in California and many of our motorcycle members was in attendance for da event.

One of our dear members of da Bad Boyz of Twitter passed Over Da Rainbow Bridge. @Mulder_ Cat rode his bike over da bridge and comes down to helps us when we needs him.  Da Bad Boyz had a really nice send off for Mulder and dat Bad Boy is still doing all he can to helps anipals in need.  He is da bomb!  Thanks Mulder!

New Members
We gots sum new members dat we wish to introduce to yoo!  Here dey is!

Dis be Gus - Dis Bad Boy is special top secret agent.  Dats all yoo needs to know.
Dis be @RugPisser - I don't really knows how he gots his name, but he is Bad to da Bone.
Dis be Kimmo- @ilovekimmo44.  He comes all da way from Pennsylvania!
Dis be @Scully_Cat.  She is Mulder_Cat sisfur and a wunderful addtiion to da Pink Angels!
Our Pink Angel @Pumpkinpuddy and our newest member of da PinkAngels @Athenaspazycat was on special assignment on da day of dis photo.  It top secret and so we can't tells yoo bout it
but it was vewy impawtant job for sure.

Da Bad Boyz of Twitter and Da Pink Angels is always recruiting for new members.  We takes caring for anipals round da world vewy seriously.  If yoo thinks yoo wants to be
a member of our team, pwease contact @FreshOtis or @Danapixie on Twitter and we gets yoo a jacket and bike right away!