Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Report From Da Field - @HollieCatRocks

Thursday, Dec. 2nd da #BadBoyzOfTwitter and da #PinkAngels had da pleasure of escorting da famous Shibbering Cheetos (@ShibberingC) to da #NipClub.  Da #NipClub hosted a special event to honor da bootiful @HollieCatRocks who went Over The Rainbow Bridge recently.  Hollie is vewy special kitteh and so we felt it only fitting dat she know how much she be loved by evfurryone.  Donations were made in her honor to the @ChrisGrove1 Vet Fund. 

Da evening started out at 5:50pm PST  in Los Angeles, CA as da members of da @ShibberingC were restin up at a posh spa.  Dey had traveled der frum New Mexico where dey had been on da hunt fur sum fine food and sum ah sum, ah sum tastee dwinks!  Yeah, dats it, tastee dwinks and fine food!

It only took 10 minutes to zoom up Highway # 5 to da home of @HollieCatRocks family.  1300 miles in 10 minutes running all da red lights. Da #BadBoyzOfTwitter and da #PinkAngels came frum all ova da world to keep da traffic and da crowds under control and made sure evfurryone wuz safe as da tour bus zoomed it's way to da #NipClub.  Did I mention dat da #NipClub hosted dis event in bootiful Vancouver, BC to be near da family of @HollieCatRocks.  

Crowds turned out evfurrywhere waitin on da side of da highway to cheer da @ShibberingC on. WoW, dey can really get anipals and hoomans excited by just coming thru da towns.

Arrival at da #NipClub was at 6pm PST when da @ShibberingC's wuz welcomed on stage! Da crowd went wild wif excitement.  Da evening was full of special hawt moosic to honor da "hawtness" of @HollieCatRocks.

Good evening must hav been had by all cuz we even heard dey wuz ladeez panties being throwed around and sum (we won't say who's) wuz even displayed on da @ShibberingC's tour bus windshield! Oh Mai! 


  1. It was an honor that the #BadBoyzOfTwitter and da #PinkAngels escourted @ShibberingC to play for my tribute pawty, so much love, support and a good time by all. I couldnt believe my eyes when i do see all of you do this for me, thank you again, and like i say, it not goodbye, its i'll see you later. xoxoxox

  2. Dat was a bootiful post dear friend to a bootiful lady cat. I'm so very happy you did escort the Cheetos to help pay tribute to my good friend Hollie. You guys ROCK.

  3. Sorry I wasnt able to get my bike out for dat one guys. Looks like you had fun.

  4. The less said about those #FamousPanties the better!! First they tied them to the windshield wipers, then they displayed them on the tour bus - grrrr...

    It was a terrific night, and a great honor to be part of the #PinkAngels escort ride, and also to spin some tunes for @HollieCatRocks.

    You a wonderful anipal, Hollie - we all love you!!

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