Thursday, March 1, 2012

Well pals, it's bin bout one whole year since we posted on dis bloggie!  OMD! I can't believes it!

Der bin so many events and special secret missions dat da Bad Boyz and Pink Angels bin responsible fur we just couldn't stay on top of da bloggie.   Sumtimes, we was in special swat team missions.  It was so exciting and impawtant.  We gots to go to different pawts of da world to helps wif World Peace (sumtin we works on wif da hoomans ever day).

Wot lots of peeps dunno is dat sum of our special missions can be vewy dangerous.  Sumtimes we even lose an anipal and dey goes over da Rainbow Bridge.  But even when dat happens, dey comes down and helps da Bad Boyz of Twitter and da Pink Angels on special missions.  We appweciate dat dey takes times away from so much fun dey is havin der to comes and helps all da anipals dat needs dem!

It bin difficult to lets everbuddy knows wot bin happening since sum of our missions be so secret.  We thoughts it be good idea to just bwing yoo all up to date wif some of da members and some of our special forces!!!

Some of da members we telling yoo bout is noo members.  Dey learned vewy fast how to purrserve and pawtect and we salute dem!  Deese anipals werked tirelessly all year to pawtect ever anipal and der famblies.

So, put yoo paws toogeva and welcome some of our Bad Boyz and Pink Angels as dey ride by!  We salute yoo!
Here is yoo noo Bad Boyz!!

@skeeterthetabby, @kirbee_dude, @dannyspiro22, @nyatsbykitti

@kingtuttifruiti, @mrripleyascot, @mr_pie, @vincentrocket

@catrulers (Nikita and Rocky), @heytoe, @furfeather62 (Merlin), @4catsstrapski (Bode)

@jdpoohbear, @boydthebear, @iamrustycat, @theloveofbrady

@remydogIG, @frankitheIG, @chazzthedog, @Kconlon1

@Squeakyelvis, @janicerand (Lucky), @smokey8, @santascat

@peemail (Tobi, Bonny, Yogi & Samson), @mickeyshorttail, @snoopdoggdoxie, 
@tresa1215 (Winston)

Here is da noo Pink Angels!!

@Flacatlady, @grrlysquirrel, @cats_meows (Marie), @viennagreyhound

@holliecatrocks, @palomatheboston, @chillypaws, @graceykitty

@iggygemma, @mewmewmunchytoe, @admiralhestorb, @karen_64frost

@milliesspektre, @bayleepurrbody, @mybgblife (Emma), jokerturtle (Tene)

@whitefluffymeow, @dazeecat, @fuzzyfreya, @snowwhitecat

@pepperpom, @Spookyshorty (Sheila)

We is always recrootin fur noo members! If yoo thinks yoo wants to be a Pink Angel or yoo thinks yoo is bad enuf to be one of da Bad Boyz of Twitter, just let @FreshOtis or @Danapixie knows bout it!  Dey gets yoo a bike, a leather jacket and sunglasses!!