Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anipals Wif Attitude

Da Bad Boyz of Twitter club is growing fast!  Everday we gets more recruits driving into town.  We just can't believe it!  We are so happy to see Anipals gathering together for a great cause.  What is dat cause yoo ask?

We wants to help all animals and dey families dat needs help.  Sumtimes it be help to find a forever home, sumtimes it be to help raise awareness about a rescue organization, sumtimes it just be sumtin as simple as sitting on a porch or sitting wif a furriend who needs to to bark, meow, quack, cwy or just purr next to yoo.  It doesn't matter what da need is.  We is Anipals wif Attitude and we gonna be der for yoo whatever yoo needs.

Today is a new day and once again we has new Bad Boyz of Twitter members who drove for many hours to join us.  Let me introduce to yoo our newest members:

BearBearD - He drove all da way from Memphis, TN!
Joeybeancat - He hails from Chicago, IL!
Gizmogeodog - He vroomed in from Florida!
LaddietheMutt - Dis dude came all da way from da UK!
IamZorro - He travels all ova da world - He says da world is his home!
BadAndy_KityKat - He hails from da Rocky Mountains! Rock On!
MattieDog - Dis dog is making a big impact on da world - He comes from all ova!

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