Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome to Our Newest Recruits

Da Bad Boyz of Twitter is growing leaps and leaps!  Dudes is driving in from all ova da world.  Check out our latest group of Bad Boyz!

Dis be Fuzz - He is brofur of BearBearD, one of our udder members. He comes from Memphis, TN!
RealJoannek - "Ted" - dis dude comes from all da way from da UK!
BigDog_Bear - Dis German Shepard Dude calls da world his home - da pests better look out for him!
PushUpsnPaws - He vroomed in all da way from Denver, CO!
CokieTheCat-Dis dude drove in from Hollywood, CA-dat where all da moovie stars is!
BorrisKitty - dis kitty might look bad but he gots a soft heart for all Anipals in need. He from everwhere!
Brunothedog - He barked all da way from NovaScotia!
DiamondBertie - Dis bad dude is from da UK! We is so glad he could join us!
Kittehboi - He hails from da great state of Pennsylavnia!
TrailerParkDogs - to quote dem - "We, Coco and Goose, are badass dudes who luv our anipals" Dey from all ova!
Urbangundog - Dis dude barked all da way from da UK and we is glad to has him on da team!
Mulder_Cat dis kitteh drove all da way from New Jersey! Love Dat Bike Man!
Dis little guy is Huntyr @Kyba - he kinda little so he sumtimes comes on special assignments and our furriend Tweetypie54 lets him ride on his bike! Huntyr is from Illinois!

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  1. We sure is gettin lotsa members! Ride on Boyz...Bad to the BONE...yeah! #BadBoyzOfTwitter