Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let's Welcome da Newest Members of our Team!

We is vewy lucky to has so many new members joining our team!  We wants to introduce dem to yoo, starting wif da newest members of da Pink Angels!

AutumnTheDoxie - Dis Pink Angel hails from Alberta, Canada!
Bai_Catahoula "Bailey" - She vroomed in from Connecticut!
PixelDoggy - She traveled all da way from Los Angelos, CA!
Kittlins - She vroomed in from New York!  
EdnaAtNutro "Edna" - She comes from California!
Skye613 - Dis Pink Angel vroomed in from Florida!
Pinkbunnyr - Dis bunny comes from sunny California!
KatieKatKou - Dis kitteh vroomed all da way from Pennsylvania!
Niqqi - Dis Pink Angel travels da world in search of Anipal causes!
Rgzzz - "Jinx" - Dis doggy calls da road her home! She a free spirit!
Ersle and Sophie - deese sisfurs are from OTRB!  We so glad dey is joining da team!
CagneyTheCat - Dis kitteh travels da world in search of Anipals who needs helps!
ForeverGinger - Dis Pink Angel calls da road her home!  Welcome to da team!
And now we likes to introduce to yoo, da newest members of da Bad Boyz of Twitter!

Mariodacat - Dis dude hails from Wisconsin!
Marleyterrier - He comes all da way from da UK!
EdwardTheHorse - Dis be our first horse to join da Bad Boyz. He comes from da UK!
Mewmewmurphy "Murphy" - Dis kitteh vroomed in from North Carolina!
PepiSmartDog - Dis doggy vroomed down from OTRB - we is glad he could join da team!
BigBoyBosco - Dis dude hails from Chicago, Illinois!
Welcome New Members!


  1. Wow - so many paw-some critters joining the BadBoyz and BadGirrrrlz!

  2. I love having a horse to keep us in line! Horses can be awesome friends!! Murphy