Sunday, November 14, 2010

Introducting Da Pink Angels

Well it all started when sum of us Bad Boyz was sittin round da table talking.  It was a bootiful sunny day.  All of a sudden we heard motorcycles vroomin up da street.  I turned round to see my girlfriend Tallulah Belle and all her furriends on dey own pink motorcycles!  I couldn't believe it!

Da girlz road up to us and said dat dey all decided dey was gonna form dey own motorcycle group so dat dey could ride to helps animals all ova da world too, just like da Bad Boyz is doin.

I made da mistake of saying, "Well Tallulah, my sweet, it is true dat behind ever great Bad Boyz is a wunderful girl!"  She told me dat she and her furriends are da Pink Angels and I would has to follow "behind" her and off she vroomed!

I bin chasing her ever since!

Here dey is ~ Da Pink Angels

Tallulah Belle - She vroomed all da way from sunny California!
LilyLuWhoT - She comes from da great state of Massachusetts!
CheriSwan - dis sweet kitteh comes from California!
JinJinDoggy - Dis doggy traveled all da way from Southern California!
Pandafur - "Pandy" - Dis kitteh vroomed in from Massachusetts!
MeisRoxyThePug - "Roxy" - dis girl drove all da way from Ohio!
Pumpkinpuddy - Dis kitteh vroomed in from Colorado!
ShaynaCat - dis kitteh is da DJ at #nipclub (more bout dat later)!
SeattleP - Dis sweet kitteh vroomed all da way from Seattle, WA!
OneCentPenny - dis doggy traveled all da way from Oklahoma!
LillyTheTorti - Da Road is Lilly's Home!
PantherQueen - dis kitteh drove all da way from California!
MaggieTKat - Dis sweet kitteh comes from St. Louis, MO
TinyPearlCat - dis kitteh traveled all da way from Camano Island, WA!

No_Cry_Baby_Dogs - "Daffy" - dis girl calls da road her home!
Keely_Bobs - Dis sweet doggy came all da way from da UK!
MissBusyBiz and Tallulah Belle - MissBusyBiz lives south of Seattle, WA  She sumtimes travels wif
Tallulah Belle in da sidecar!
Danapixie - Dana lives in California but travels da world in her quest to helps Anipals everwhere!


  1. Whoa, these girls be the best in the world!

  2. My Ma loved your bikes! She loves pink AND Hello Kitty. Hooray for da Pink Angels

  3. Yoo Go Girlz! The Pink Angels Rock!