Monday, November 8, 2010

Introducing Da Bad Boyz of Twitter

We is da Bad Boyz of Twitter!  

From left to Right, FreshOtis, LeoPussMan, PuppyNumber7, TigerBoyTheCat, ToughTeddyBear and TabbyTezTweets

Our newest member is DakotaBdog - not pictured.

We is always recruiting for new members.  Der is power is da group so da more da merrier!


  1. I LOVE the #BadBoyzofTwitter! They are a pawsome group of anipals who will always be there for other anipals! Proud to call everyone of them my furiends! And @toughteddybear ismy BF!

  2. Love that photo!!! A biker poodle I never thought I would see the day...ha!!! @samthepoodle